Hunland Food Ltd.


The main activities of Hunland Food Kft. are the export, import and wholesale trade of foodstuffs as well as cultivation under contract, procurement and processing of Hungarian and Central Eastern European agricultural products. Our activities cover the entire supply chain from growing crops, up to reaching the wholesale and retail sales points. Our partners include small, independent shops as well as large multinational firms. Our product range contains both retail – including private label, packaging, and loose farm produce and crops sold in bulk. Hunland Food Kft. started as a family business and by today it has grown into a company with an extensive scope of activities employing 40 people. Our company continues to grow and the continuous development of the products processed and distributed by us remains its main focus. Our mission and governing business concept is to connect the “product producers” of the sector to the consumers by the complex and integrated management of the different levels of the supply chain.

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