Location 3881 Abaújszántó, Aranyosi út 8.
Accessibility M3-M30, road 37, Szerencs-Mád road 39
Floor area 17 000 m2
Storage capacity 25 920 m3
Flat storage facilities 3
Goods handling road
Crop drying/cleaning yes  
Capacity 10 tons / hour
Weigh bridge yes
Services  warehousing, crop drying and cleaning, poppy and walnut processing

The logistic and production facilities of Hunland at Abaújszántó are located in the geographic middle of Borsod Abaúj-Zemplén county about 40 kms south to the Slovakian border of Hungary. The key activities of the Abaújszántó site besides warehousing are poppy and walnut processing. Our company exports several thousand tons of walnut kernel, poppy seed annually. The 17 000 m2 warehouse complex is built up of 3 flat storage facilities with a head room of 3,5-4 meter allowing the storage of 26 000 tons of crops and other bulk products. Our Abaújszántó site is IFS certified.

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