Hunland Food owns walnut plantations throughout Hungary and purchases raw material from growers directly. At its processing lines at Abaujszanto the raw material is cleaned, dried and sorted under strict quality control. Capacity: on its in shell walnut processing lines the company processes around 2200 tons of in shell walnut annually.

Hunland offers in shell walnuts in different grades:
According to quality: plantation and countryside
According to size: 34+ mm, 32-34 mm, 30-32 mm 28-30 mm
Packaging: 10 kg- 500 kg as per the request of the customer
Walnut kernels
Our company is one of the biggest walnut kernel exporters in Hungary, selling several hundreds of tons of walnut kernels every year, primarily to Western Europe. Hunland buys raw material for its production from Romania and the domestic market. Our products are made from fresh cracking all year round, and supplied in different qualities and grades in accordance with the requirements of the customer. The excellent quality is guaranteed by the state-of-the-art processing and sorting technology.

Purity: 99.9% (max. 10 shells/10 kg)
Packaging: 10 kg cardboard box / vacuum packaging

For further information on the different quality grades please contact our office. Hunland also offers chopped/sliced and ground walnut kernels in size: 0-2 mm and 2-4 mm.
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